Guest Photos

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Wayne Stevens "First Coyote" and his Stevens model 200, 22-250.

Coyote was Taken with a .22-250 Rem at 80 yards.

Jerry Hunsley, Designer of the "Wiley One Howler"

 Jerry Hunsley with an impressive 42 lb coyote, taken at his buddy "Rocky Tibbs" ranch in the winter of 2004.

Jerry Hunsley with a pair of coyotes taken on Rocky Tibbs Ranch.

Below is Ranch Owner Rocky Tibbs.

Rocky Tibbs with a truck load of coyotes taken on his private ranch in the winter of 2004.

"Camo Jack" Jack Hendrick Woodland, CA.

Coyote taken with .243 Winchester Boss.

"Camo Jack" - Coyote was Taken with a .223 Rem at 130 yards.